SIB • fs 11 • 03.06.2019

PKD-1: Negative (parents tested)

PKD-Def: negative (parents tested)

Blood type: N/N, not carrier of b-blood

CS-Gene: C/C Full color, not carrier

Coat Panel: D/d dilute carrier

HCM-test: Negativ 10.06.2020, 13.07.2021

PKD ultrasound: Negativ 10.06.2020



Linda Knyovà

Ex 1

Savannah er blitt kosepus og flytta permanent inn hos familien i Ørsta som har vert forverter for henne det siste året.


Savannah, as she is called, was on her first show this weekend. She was calm and sweet. The judgetable was a little scarry at first, but she got the hang of it at last. 

Savannah got good critics and told her silvercolour was pure and clean. A little weak chin for now, but she still grows.

Quite excited for this girl as she grows more beautiful each day and also she is so sweet and kind.


NO*Vinduskarmens Juni first show at Adelkatten 30.12.2019

Savannahs first show was better then expected. Travelling and staying at the hotel and in the hall was no problem for this lady. She thought the judge was a little scarry, cant blame her though;) But in the end it got a lot better. I know, the coat is not well done, but I will do better next time, promise! She is so sweet and got a exciting future ahead.